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Criminal Law and Traffic Law


Question One: Do I Need an Attorney

This is a common question asked by clients. Of course we think the answer is a definitive YES. Not because we are Lawyers and believe what we do is necessary, but because as Lawyers we see clients every day who represent themselves in Court and come to see us only when it is really too late! Seeking advice from an Attorney (even if you only think you are going to be charged) can be the difference between your freedom and incarceration.

Question Two: The Police Have Called and Want to Talk to Me. Should I Go Talk to Them?

You have the Right to Remain Silent. Keep that Right and be Silent!

Once you agree to speak with law enforcement you have given up your right to remain silent and everything you say can (and will) be used against you. Come in and speak with one of our attorneys before you make any statement to or speak with anyone from law enforcement or the District Attorney's office.

Question Three: I Got a Ticket and the Officer Said I can Just Pay it Off Without Going to Court. Should I Do That?

Paying off a ticket without going to Court means that you are admitting the charge as it stands and that is what will go on your record. The majority of the time we will be able to work with the District Attorney and get your speed reduced or the charges lessened or even dismissed. Paying off your ticket can cause assessment of less points on your DMV record and/or less insurance points.
Criminal Law — Criminal Law in Dobson, NC
Traffic Law — Criminal Law in Dobson, NC
As you can see, criminal defense (whether felonies, misdemeanors or traffic tickets) can be very complicated and we at Neaves & Gillespie are here to provide you advice and zealous representation.