Domestic Law and Bankruptcy Law Services for Neaves & Gillespie, P.A. Dobson, Elkin, NC and Surrounding areas

Domestic Law

Domestic legal matters can be difficult to deal with and we understand how painful these issues can be. There are so many things that need to be resolved when two people go their separate ways. Whether the issues facing you involve custody of your child, child support, division of your assets, spousal support, domestic violence or any of the many other areas of Family Law, you will have over fifty-five years of combined legal experience at your side when you hire Neaves & Gillespie. Having both been single parents, we are in a position to understand the emotional strain this places our clients under and assist you with both competence and compassion.

In many instances, our clients need legal advice and guidance about a pending divorce or other domestic matters before deciding to move forward. With an initial consultation, we will learn more about your concerns and answer your questions. We understand that many times clients wish to settle their matters without Court action but that your issues may also involve a trial in Court. We at Neaves & Gillespie are ready to zealously represent you in the way which best serves your unique needs. We are available to help and would be honored to assist you with all of your Family Law needs.
Domestic Law — Domestic Law in Dobson, NC

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law — Domestic Law in Dobson, NC
Many things can affect our financial well-being Sometimes it is an illness in the family, or you were laid off at work, or you and your spouse separated. Regretfully, sometimes our clients are experiencing more than one of these life-changing issues. Bankruptcy helps people who cannot pay their debts get a fresh financial start.

At your first free consultation we will spend some time talking to you about your assets and your debts. We can work with you to determine if the Bankruptcy Code can help you and, if it can, whether you should file a Chapter 7 case or a Chapter 13. Bankruptcy can many times save your home from foreclosure, halt a car repossession and stop the menacing phone calls.

If you decide to file bankruptcy we will be with you the entire time, from filing the necessary paperwork to standing by your side in court.

If your debts are interfering with the quality of life for you and your family, call us and let us see if Bankruptcy is your first step in a ROAD TO A BETTER LIFE.