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Wills, Estate Planning and Estate Administration

Neaves & Gillespie can help you with your estate planning needs. Everyone in North Carolina has an estate plan, but if you do not have a Last Will and Testament or Trust, your estate plan was created by North Carolina General Statutes, and very probably does not handle your estate the way you wish. Let us assist you in developing a comprehensive plan to provide for your heirs or others you wish to share in your estate upon your death. Also, we can suggest and prepare documentation to help with the management of your financial affairs and medical needs in the event of your incapacity
Estate Planning — Wills and Estate Planning in Dobson, NC
Neaves & Gillespie is also available to help you in all aspects of estate administration, from the probate of a will and the qualification of a personal representative to the preparation of all accountings with the Clerk of Court. During this time that can be very difficult, we are here to help you carry out the wishes of your loved one as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

General Practice

Neaves & Gillespie takes pride in it's ability to provide our communities with a local full-service Law Firm. We hope this website, and the information contained herein, assists you in your decision-making process concerning your legal needs. Feel free to call the office for further information. Even if we cannot assist you on our particular issue, we will help point you in the right direction and look forward to hearing from you.
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